Posted by: Jan | June 13, 2013

Rounding Cape Wrath

Saturday 8th June
Talmine Bay, Kyle of Tongue towards Kinlochbervie

Today we would turn the corner round Cape Wrath and start to head south.
The wind was very light and on the nose so it would be motoring to the Cape. There were some lovely sandy bays and coves along the north coast, they are so isolated they are probably very quiet and peaceful. The sun came out for our rounding of the cape, the sea was very calm so we could go in fairly close. Surprisingly, there were two buoys ( ? fishing floats) just off the point being dragged under by the strong tide – not a good place to catch a pot on the prop – hopefully others will spot them in time too.

Cape Wrath

Cape Wrath

As we changed course to a southerly bearing, the wind built a little so we could turn the engine off and enjoy a downwind sail and take in the spectacular coastline.

The approach to Kinlochbervie was simply stunning. The entrance is through Loch Inchard and then through a narrow channel into the small harbour which has a pontoon for local and visiting boats. We rafted alongside a local yacht and as soon as we were secure we went for a walk to enjoy the wonderful surroundings. We were so glad that we could see it in the sunshine- at its best. I was last here about 40 years ago but it is more impressive seen from the sea.

Looking down at the harbour

Looking down at the harbour

Entrance to Kinlochbervie

Entrance to Kinlochbervie

38 miles
7 hours

Although it has been very sunny, it is still very cold out on the water. Clothing is still – three layers of thermals + fleece + oilies and gloves with liners and hat! This causes me a problem when we approach a harbour,especially if I am putting out fenders and lines rather than taking the helm. The wind can be guaranteed to get up on approach- in addition to the need for pilotage – this means that there is usually no opportunity to divest of some of these layers resulting in a cooked lobster appearance and a desperate need to cool down. This was not helped at KLB by the shower failing just as the shampoo had been applied and no amount of pound coins or strong words would make it restart!! A soap container lid is not a very efficient tool for rinsing soapy hair over a sink in the mixed loos.



  1. Can seriously picture you trying to get rid of those suds!

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